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How long does it take to get your MBA? + Tips for talking to employers

When making the decision to enroll in an online Master of Business Administration, having the support of your employer is important for several reasons — especially because many companies offer tuition reimbursement.

Answering the Key Question: How Long Does It Take To Get Your MBA?

The first question most employers have is, “How long does it take to get your MBA?” That’s understandable, considering the effect it could have on your time and energy. They want to know what to expect in terms of a timetable before you enroll.

With Boise State University’s Online Master of Business Administration, you can graduate in as few as 12 months by taking a full-time load — two courses at a time in a seven-week term. For students with a more demanding job or family life, taking a part-time load (one course at a time) results in graduation in 24 months.

Many employers also want to know, “What is your motivation for earning a master’s degree?” A great way to present your logic is to create an MBA proposal.

By writing down your desire to gain knowledge in different areas of business and what you want to take away from the program, your employer can see your answers to those questions. They can also see that you’re serious about the endeavor. Make sure to do your research about the program before writing your proposal.

Another question many employers have is, “How will earning an MBA benefit the company?” Although earning an MBA is especially beneficial to you, it can be very worthwhile to your employer, as well.

Boise State’s Online MBA offers a 15% tuition discount to students who work with one of our corporate partners. If you would like to get this discount and your employer is not yet a partner, someone from your HR department can reach out to set up a partnership.

By learning the latest business strategies, creative processes and project management, you can implement your knowledge at work as you go. Earning an MBA also adds to your business acumen, making you a more valuable employee who regularly brings new, current ideas to the table.

Timeline to Earning an Online MBA

After applying and choosing between Boise State’s general Online MBA and one of seven other areas of emphasis (management, healthcare leadership, construction management, marketing leadership, finance, business analytics or cyber operations), there are six start dates per year to begin your journey.

The flexibility of online learning allows you to stop and start the program if necessary. How long it takes to get your MBA depends on your personal timeline and availability. The Online MBA is designed for working professionals with at least two years of managerial experience.

Benefits for You and Your Employer

Graduates become effective leaders who design, communicate and implement customer-focused solutions. Being a well-equipped leader adds to the long-term value of earning an MBA for you and your employer.

With access to so many instructors, industry professionals and classmates, the depth of knowledge you can acquire is massive. The networking opportunities that can benefit you and your employer in an online MBA program are tremendous.

Boise State’s Online MBA emphasizes relevant, on-the-job learning — meaning you use real-world examples and assignments to complete coursework. Oftentimes, students are asked to consider how their company does business and think critically about opportunities and improvements.

By highlighting the advantages of earning Boise State’s Online MBA, you can show your employer that it is a win-win for you and them.

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