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What is integrated strategic communications?

Integrated strategic communications might not be a household term most people can define, but companies across every sector rely on professionals with this valuable skill set.

Public relations practitioners now take on multiple roles that make up integrated strategic communications, including traditional advertising, digital marketing and public relations coordination to provide clear and consistent messaging to stakeholders.

Integrated strategic communications can also maintain a favorable public image, raise issue awareness for organizations or clients and benefit employees. Integrated messaging from leadership gives employees a clear picture of the organization’s future.

Boise State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications provides you with the opportunity to specialize and work within specific industries, including promotional public relations, crisis management, community relations or public affairs.

By coordinating all of the messaging into a single strategy, companies can promote action, increase engagement or change to serve their mission, giving added weight to the importance of integrated strategic communication.

A Growing Industry

Because integrated strategic communications roles are important to so many companies, they continue to grow and evolve rapidly with multiple potential career opportunities.

Jobs that you will qualify for by earning an online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications include:

  • Advertising sales specialist
  • Director of development
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Media communications coordinator
  • Media relations specialist
  • Public relations and fundraising manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Promotions manager

Foundational skills, like public relations, media relations, strategic planning and public relations writing, are essential to an integrated strategic communications role, along with research, planning skills and presentation experience.

Boise State’s online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications is designed to develop you into a career-ready public relations practitioner with a curriculum that focuses on current and applicable core concepts and practices customized to fit your goals.

You will explore relevant topics, like business communication, content creation, public relations and professional writing, market research and campaign strategy in the program’s rigorous curriculum. Plus, you will develop the skills to communicate strategically.

Through diverse courses in both internal and external communications, you have the opportunity to personalize or specialize your degree plan based on your desired career goals with specialized electives, like community relations, crisis management and multimedia storytelling.

The program also includes two optional certificate options you can complete independently or within the degree program:

  • Certificate in Media Content Management: Focuses on digital content management for websites and social media, as well as basic media production skills. You will learn and develop the practical skills to create, produce and manage content across multiple platforms.
  • Certificate in Communication Management: Focuses on managing professional processes and relationships. You will learn and develop internal and external communication skills, like employee communication, collaboration, business communication and community relations.

No matter what area you choose, Boise State’s bachelor’s degree program centers on your success. You will come away from graduation day with relevant and practical skills that transfer and adapt to the thriving industry.

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