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Applied Science and Interdisciplinary Professional Studies Student Internships

Students in the applied science and interdisciplinary professional studies programs are encouraged to complete an internship.

Student internships provide academic credit for work experience completed under the guidance of a supervisor who is a professional in the field. Approximately 45 hours of work equals one hour of academic credit.

About Internships

Student internships offer:

  • Practical, hands-on work experience.
  • The opportunity to examine whether a particular field is a good match.
  • The chance to practice what you have learned in the classroom.
  • First-hand knowledge of an organization.
  • The ability to earn academic credit.
  • The potential to earn money while also taking classes.
  • The opportunity to network and make valuable connections for future jobs.
  • Experience in resume writing and interviewing.

Is an internship right for me?

Are you interested in maximizing your educational experience and putting yourself in a better position for future success?

Over 80% of all college students graduate with internship experience, and many organizations use their internship program as an applicant pool to draw on when hiring for full-time employment.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science and the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies may earn up to nine internship credits. One hour of academic credit equals 45 hours of work at your internship.

Note: 493 Internship, 494 Conference or Workshop and 496 Independent Study are limited to a combined total of nine credits.

Talk to your advisor about whether an internship suits your academic goals.

Contact Your Advisor

How do I register for a student internship?

Once you’ve decided that an internship is right for you, follow these steps to register for the internship course, BAS/IPS 493.

1. Identify an internship opportunity

Visit the Career Center website to learn how to find an internship.

2. Review the internship site

Follow the steps outlined on the internship Google Site to help you gather information and complete the necessary paperwork.

Questions? Contact Internship Coordinator Baker Lawley at

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