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Christian Adams

Christian Adams

Class of 2015

Assistant School Chief
National Aids to Navigation School (NATON)
Training Center Yorktown, VA


I have been active duty Coast Guard since July of 2000 with the first four years of my career spent at the Coast Guard Academy earning a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering as well developing skills and knowledge in Nautical Science, Organizational Behavior, and Leadership. Since then I have served on three cutters as Executive Officer, Operations Officer, and Deck Watch Officer conducting Domestic Ice Breaking, Aids to Navigation, and Counter Narcotic Law Enforcement. On shore I have served in Facilities Engineering and most recently as Assistant School Chief of the National Aids to Navigation School (NATON) located on Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, VA.

Involvement throughout my career in a great many training scenarios, both as learner and instructor/evaluator, led me to develop academic curiosity as to how training is received by the learner and a professional desire to improve the way training is delivered to fellow members of the Coast Guard. The Boise State Masters Program for Organization Performance & Workplace Learning (OPWL) has provided me just such an opportunity. The online program is designed for working professionals and involves actual analyses, evaluations and performance intervention design/development. My Coast Guard experience has offered me plenty of examples to draw from in academic discussion and I have been able to the use the academic projects to address real world issues in my current Coast Guard assignment. I believe that participation in this program has improved my own performance at my current assignment and expanded my horizon to understand that there is so much more to performance improvement than training. Since BSU’s OPWL program is available via distance learning, I have pursued the degree while still completing the duties and responsibilities of my current assignment and I expect to complete the program within the scope of one tour. Although challenging, it has been rewarding and I recommend the program to any motivated working professional seeking online graduate opportunities.