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Gail Bolt

Gail Bolt

Class of 2005

Major Canadian Forces Training Development Officer
National Defense Headquarters for the Chief of Military Personnel



Truthfully I was dreading online learning because of previous experiences within my own organization. I could have chosen another institution that did offer instructional technology (IT) that was about an hour drive from my house but there was not anything with the performance technology (PT) side in the curriculum. So convenience and quality of life for my family being taken into consideration, online was the only option for me.

After starting the program, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I felt to be a part of the community and I actually miss it now that I’ve graduated. I am also proud to say that my organization is really evolving and we are getting better at online learner support.

I would like to add that the success I had with the IPT program as a part-time student was convincing enough that commencing in September 2007 the organization is sponsoring the very first full-time student (that is the military member attends a Masters program full-time for two years).

From my perspective I consider that a huge endorsement because up until this point they refused to fund anything other than attendance at Canadian Institutions. The selling point was that Boise State offers a quality degree in an area that is not being addressed in our own country and the knowledge and skill being imparted is vital and important to the organization.