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Jodane Christoffersen

Jodane Christoffersen

Class of 2004

Performance Consultant
L-3 Communication Systems Inc.


While I was in the program, my current employer benefited measurably through my attendance in the program. My entire portfolio was built on real projects that I completed for that employer including ROI analysis on learning programs and evaluation data that directed management’s decisions. Electronic support systems and Web Pages which I developed in the IPT program were implemented at the site as well.

After graduating, I was able to use my portfolio projects in an interview for a new employer. That project presentation earned me a new position with a new company. I used the combination of my work experience and portfolio work in the IPT program to co-write two articles for publication. Additionally, I was able to use my work from the IPT program and the portfolio I completed to obtain my ISPI CPT certification. And finally, everyday I use my knowledge from the IPT program in my current job.