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Kandi Horsman

Kandi Horsman

Class of 2020

Teacher Growth and Development Coordinator
School District

The MS OPWL degree program at Boise State University was instrumental in preparing me to successfully compete for a new position which marks the next chapter of my career. Although I started out at Boise State with a focus on the design and development of eLearning, during the WELPS Graduate Certificate I ended up discovering a passion for the entire field of performance improvement.

Boise State’s stellar OPWL professors create relevant and rigorous curricula informed by their experience in industry and consistently go above and beyond in their feedback. As a result of my studies, I was able to demonstrate on my resume not only the requisite knowledge and skills but also my ability to successfully apply my learning to real-world projects (for my courses, full-time job, and part-time consulting work) — and ultimately the value added to organizations as a result of these performance improvement efforts.

I look forward to leveraging my OPWL skill set as I collaborate with colleagues to support teachers’ continuous improvement. Preparation meets opportunity with an exciting new chapter in my career thanks to Boise State’s MS OPWL degree program!