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Transforming the Future of Healthcare

We have today’s healthcare leaders preparing and training the future healthcare
transformationalists! Innovation is showcased through the uniqueness of design in the MPHSM degree which does not fall into a typical curriculum model due to its healthcare transformation & industry led focus. It is the one-of-a-kind partnership with HFMA that creates a valuable & forward thinking learning opportunity to provide future healthcare leaders with the knowledge needed to lead in the current tumultuous landscape of healthcare. Review our program video to learn more. Closed captions are provided and a transcript is available on this page.

Master in Population and Health Systems Management

A Program Designed to Bridge the Gap

“The creation of this partnership & industry game changing master degree program will build the knowledge base of future healthcare leaders and push the needle in healthcare delivery progression and payment transformation.”

-Dr. Tim Dunnagan, Dean College of Health Sciences

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Video Transcript


[Jenni Gudapati, MBA, RN, Program Director, Faculty] So how do you create the most innovative healthcare management degree program in the country? By starting over and breaking all the rules.

[Rina Patel, Regional Vice President, Health Catalyst, Student] Never in a million years had I thought that I would in my mid-40s go be going back to school to get another Masters, but the program was so intriguing and really tied everything together that I was looking for in order to help me learn about population health and where we’re headed as a country.

[Title] Community-building and networking

[Jenni Gudapati] Our Master in Population and Health Systems Management degree is focused on creating the industry leaders today to change healthcare tomorrow.

[Title] 100% Online with in-person opportunities

[Jenni Gudapati] We wanted to create an industry-relevant health care program, in which we taught the mechanics to transition from the traditional fee-for-service volume-based health care into truly patient-centered outcome-driven health care payment.

[Title] Real-world experts throughout the program: Mark Florian, VP Actuarial, Pacific Source, Faculty; Rourke Yeakley, MD, Chief Innovation Officer, Saltzer Health, Guest Lecturer;

[Jenni Gudapati] All of our instructors throughout this program are real world experts in their field in which they bring their knowledge, experience, and leadership into the classroom every day.

[Title] Diverse backgrounds from across the country

[J. Edward McEachern, MD, Chief Medical Officer, PacificSource, Faculty] When we were conceptualizing this course, one of the things that we had a conversation about is to understand what it is that a person needs to be ready for the kind of roles that we need in this industry. It creates a real basis of knowledge that gives people a skill set that they can actually go do something with.

[Title] More than 75 guest lecturers
[Devon Kim, Chief Executive Office, Haase + Long, student] The instructors in this program have just been so remarkable and so fun to learn from. It’s after a full day of being a CEO and also being a mom and when I sit down at seven o’clock on a Tuesday, I am excited to see what they have in store for me. We are constantly learning in a way that I would have never believed possible.

[Todd Nelson, Chief Partnership Executive, HFMA, Faculty] HFMA is proud of the partnership we have developed with Boise State. We are honored to be recognized by CAHME as the 2023 recipient of the George and Regi Herzlinger Innovation Education Award for the program co-created with Boise State University.

[Jenni Gudapati] Through this program, we believe we are building the next generation of healthcare leaders.