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Tobacco is any of several plants whose leaves are prepared for smoking, chewing, or as snuff, which can be found in cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or any product or products made from such leaves.

Boise State University Health Services/Smoke Free Campus

Boise Smoke Free Campus

For the health of the community, Boise State University is smoke-free. The smoke-free policy covers all university-owned or controlled buildings, property, vehicles and parking lots, the Friendship Bridge and Greenbelt section adjacent to campus.

Idaho Health Department Tobacco Cessation Classes

Idaho department of health and welfare logo

Idaho’s seven district health departments all offer tobacco cessation and no cost quit products.


North Central District Health Department (Region 2): Smoking Cessation Classes

Southwest District Health Department (Region 3): Tobacco Cessation

Central District Health Department (Region 4): Free Quit Tobacco Classes

South Central Public Health District (Region 5): Tobacco Cessation

Southeastern Idaho Public Health (Region 6): Tobacco Cessation

Eastern Idaho Public Health (Region 7): Tobacco Cessation and Prevention

Plan to Quit

Plan to quit logo

Many ex-smokers report multiple quit attempts before they quit for good. Be inspired, get refocused, and plan to quit with us.

Prevent The Sale

Welcome to PREVENT THE SALE! A Training Resource for Idaho Tobacco Retailers and their Employees. Here Idaho Tobacco Retailers and their employees can get valuable education and training support to help comply with all aspects of Idaho’s “Prevention of Minors’ Access to Tobacco” law.

Project Filter

Project Filter

Project Filter is Idaho’s tobacco prevention and control program. Project Filter works to educate the public about the resources available to help individuals quit using tobacco. Our web site provides information on cigarettes as well as resources for quitting smoking.

St. Luke’s Tobacco Cessation


Many people who have quit tobacco say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Most, however, will likely say it’s the most important thing they’ve ever done. Having a team to support and encourage you will improve your chances of quitting for good.

Find the article about the program here.

Teens Eagerly Eliminating Nicotine Substances (TEENS)


TEENS is an Idaho based group known for its fun, innovative events like poetry slams and fashion shows, all in the interest of spreading information about the dangers of tobacco.