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Marijuana is the dried leaves of the hemp plant, used in cigarette form as a narcotic or hallucinogen.

ASAM: Marijuana Interactive Map

ASAM has created this mapping tool to detail each state’s law on legalization, medical marijuana and decriminalization. It also provides information on the specific states that are actively working to reform their laws


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has been at the forefront of the alcohol and drug addiction treatment field for nearly 70 years, saving lives, restoring families and shaping increasingly effective rehab programs. The experts are dedicated to providing clinical care, education and research in the field of addiction, treatment and recovery so that you are assured of receiving the best drug and alcohol rehab available, personalized to each patient, and aimed at achieving lasting sobriety.

The Marijuana Report

marijuana report

Track what’s going on with marijuana in the states at this one-stop shop for marijuana news. Brought to you by National Families in Action, Project SAM, the Treatment Research Institute, and others.


Scholastic: Download the Facts

Scholastic provides free downloadable fact sheets for teachers and parents with comprehensive information on marijuana use and safety.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

We are professionals working in mental health & public health. We are bipartisan. We are medical doctors, lawmakers, treatment providers, preventionists, teachers, law enforcement officers, etc who seek a middle road between incarceration & legalization. Our commonsense, third-way approach to marijuana is based on reputable science & sound principles of public health & safety.

Stay True To You

stay true

Being a teenager is hard enough, without adding weed to the mix. Sometimes the best you can do is Stay True to You.