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Research Data

Research Data is defined as recorded factual material commonly retained by and accepted in the scientific community.

Addiction Journal: Key Findings 2016

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This is a quick summary of the main discovery for each research paper we have published, organized issue by issue. Article titles are in bold & each key finding is below the article title. Use the filters to isolate key findings for each issue or search for a particular topic across all of this year’s issues.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Sortable Risk Factors and Health Indicators

CDC: Sortable Risk Factors

Sortable Stats is an interactive data set comprised of behavioral risk factors and health indicators. This data set compiles state level data for the 50 states, DC, and U.S. territories from various published CDC and federal sources into a format that allows users to view, sort, and analyze data at state, regional, and national levels.

Center for Substance Abuse Research

Center for Substance Abuse Research

CESAR FAX provides a weekly, one-page overview of timely substance abuse trends or issues. More than 6,000 subscribers receive the CESAR FAX via email each Monday morning, including Federal and State policymakers, prevention specialists, treatment and health care providers, law enforcement official, researchers and academicians, and media representatives.

CORK Database

An archived edition of the CORK DATABASE is now online. Developed for the Dartmouth Medical School by Jean Kinney, CORK indexes resources about alcohol, other drugs, and behavioral addictions from the years 1970 to 2014 (with selected records prior to 1970). The database is bibliographic, including mostly abstracted journal articles, but also some books, book chapters, reports, and conference papers. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is now hosting CORK and is committed to preserving this rich and unique literature resource for both the addictions and information fields, and making it freely available to all online searchers. We encourage you to search its 121,000+ records to create a bibliographic listing of your topic, and then to take that list to your own librarian/library for assistance in retrieval of the full documents.

Internet Archive: SALIS Collection


THE SALIS COLLECTION: ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, AND OTHER DRUGS THE SALIS COLLECTION includes key seminal, full-text books, reports, documents, and other literature. Its subjects include both legal and illegal drugs, the use and misuse of chemicals, the role of education and prevention, physical health and mental health aspects, drug policy, legal issues, and more. It is international in its scope, and covers a wide number of disciplines. THE SALIS COLLECTION is produced by SALIS (Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists).

SAMHDA-Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and RTI International are proud to launch the redesigned SAMHDA website with new designs, streamlined menus, and simplified navigation. We want to offer our users an easy way to get to the data they need for their analyses.