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Independent Study in Idaho

Independent Study in Idaho (ISI) was created in 1973 by the Idaho State Board of Education as a cooperative of four accredited Idaho institutions led by the University of Idaho. Other cooperating members include Lewis-Clark State College, Idaho State University, and Boise State University. Each member-institution of the ISI cooperative is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

ISI courses, sponsored by the cooperating institutions, are delivered online. Idaho residency is not required. A complete list of ISI courses, course syllabi and ISI policies and procedures are available on the ISI website. Although ISI does not offer degrees, credits earned upon course completion transfer to most colleges and universities.

People from diverse backgrounds worldwide take ISI’s online courses for various reasons (e.g., to begin college programs early, graduate on time, resolve on-campus scheduling conflicts, satisfy prerequisites, or to pursue professional development and personal enrichment). Independent Study in Idaho courses are designed for students who work well independently with limited interaction with instructors. You can enroll anytime and work from anywhere. You can work at your own pace within the limits set by the course instructor on the number of assignments that can be submitted per week. You have up to one calendar year from the registration date to complete ISI courses.

Independent Study of Idaho Equivalency Guide

ISI CourseBoise State Equivalent CourseNote:
Acct 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting (UI)ACCT 205 Intro to Financial Accounting
Acct 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (UI)ACCT 206 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Anth 100 Introduction to Anthropology (UI)ANTH 100XFElective Credit
Anth 327 Belief Systems (UI)ANTH 300XFElective Credit
Art 100 Survey of Art (LCSC)ART 100 Introduction to ArtFoundations Program Course in Arts (FA)
Biol 154 Introductory Microbiology (UI)BIOL 100XFElective Credit
Bus 101 Introduction to Business (LCSC)BUS 101 Business for the New Generation
Bus 321 Principles of Marketing (LCSC)MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing
BLaw 265 Legal Environment of Business (UI)BUS 202 The Legal Environment of Business
CS 120 Computer Science ICS 121/121L Computer Science I
Econ 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (UI)ECON 201 Principles of MacroeconomicsFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Econ 202 Principles of Microeconomics (UI)ECON 202 Principles of MicroeconomicsFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Econ 343 Money and Banking (UI)ECON 301 Money & Banking
Engl 101 Introduction to College Writing (UI)ENGL 101 Intro to College WritingFoundations of Writing (FW)
Engl 102 Research Writing (LCSC)ENGL 102 Intro to College Writing & ResearchFoundations of Writing (FW)
Engl 150 Introduction to Literature (LCSC)ENGL 100XFHFoundations Program Course Elective in Humanities
Engl 2257 Survey of World Literature I (Beginnings through 16th Century) (ISU)ENGL 257 World Literature I: Ancient to 1650
Engl 2258 Survey of World Literature II (17th Century to Present) (ISU)ENGL 258 World Literature Ii: 1650 – Contemporary
Engl 277 American Literature I (LCSC)ENGL 277 Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to Civil War
Engl 278 American Literature II (LCSC)ENGL 278 Survey of American Literature: Civil War to Present
Engl 313 Business Writing (UI)BUSCOM 201 Business Communication
Engl 317 Technical Writing (UI)ENGL 212 Introduction to Technical Communication
Engl 4476 Shakespeare (ISU)ENGL 345 Shakespeare
EnvS 101 Introduction to Environmental Science (UI)ENVSTD 121 Introduction to Environmental StudiesFoundations Program Course in Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences (FN)
FCS 205 Concepts in Human Nutrition (UI)HLTH 207 Nutrition
FCS 346 Personal and Family Finance and Management (UI)FINAN 208 Personal Finance
FCS 428 Housing America's Families (UI)SOC 400XFElective Credit
FCS 435 Feeding Young Children in Group Settings (UI)ED-ECS 400XFElective Credit
FCS 448 Consumer Economic Issues (UI)ECON 400XFElective Credit
FLEN 243 English Word Origins (UI)ENGL 200XFElective Credit
Fren 101 Elementary French I (UI)FRENCH 101 Elementary French IFoundations Program Course in Humanities (FH)
HCA 2210 Medical Terminology and Communication (ISU)HLTH 101 Medical Terminology
Hist 101 History of Civilization (Before 1650) (UI)HIST 101 History of Western CivilizationFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Hist 102 History of Civilization (1650 to Present) (UI)HIST 102 History of Western CivilizationFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Hist 111 Introduction to U.S. History (Before 1877) (UI)HIST 111 United States HistoryFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Hist 112 Introduction to U.S. History (1877 to Present) (UI)HIST 112 United States HistoryFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Hist 180 Introduction to East Asian History (UI)HIST 121 Asia Civilizations
Hist 461 Idaho and the Pacific Northwest (UI)HIST 381 Colloquium in the History of the Americas
Hum 101 The Art and History of the Motion Picture (LCSC)FILM 220 Cinema: History and AestheticsFoundations Program Course in Arts (FA)
Kin 370 Motor Learning/Motor Development (LCSC)KINES 300Elective Credit
LibS 410/510 Libraries and Their Collections: Materials Selection (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 413 Computer Applications in Libraries (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 414/514 Reference and Information Services (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 418/518 Classification and Cataloging (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 425/525 School Library Administration, Leadership and Management (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 427 Teacher Librarian Practicum (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 430 Children's Literature for Teacher Librarians (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 431 Adolescent Literature for Teacher Librarians (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
LibS 433 Information Literacy for the Teacher Librarian (UI)LIBSCI 400Elective Credit
Math 108 Intermediate Algebra (UI)MATH 108 Intermediate Algebra
Math 123 Mathematics Applied to the Modern World (UI)MATH 123 Quantitative Reasoning Foundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
Math 130 Finite Mathematics (UI)MATH 100XFMFoundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
Math 143 Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry (UI)MATH 143 Precalculus I: Algebraic FunctionsFoundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
Math 144 Analytic Trigonometry (UI)MATH 144 Analytic Trigonometry
Math 1153 Introduction to Statistics (ISU)MATH 254 Introduction to StatisticsFoundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
Math 160 Survey of Calculus (UI)MATH 160 Survey of CalculusFoundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
Math 170 Analytic Geometry and Calculus (UI)MATH 170 Calculus IFoundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
MUSI 101 Survey of Music (UI)MUSI 100 Intro to MusicFoundations Program Course in Arts (FA)
MusH 201 History of Rock and Roll (UI)MUS 200XFAFoundations Program Course Elective in Arts
Phil 103 Ethics (UI)PHIL 103 Introduction to Philosophy: Moral ProblemsFoundations Program Course in Humanities (FH)
Phys 111 General Physics I (UI)PHYS 100XF
Phys 112 General Physics II (UI)PHYS 100XF
Phys 1100 Essentials of Physics (ISU)PHYS 100XFNFoundations Program Course Elective in Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences
Phys 1152 Descriptive Astronomy (ISU) & Phys 1153 Descriptive Astronomy Laboratory (ISU)PHYS 104 Life in the UniverseFoundations Program Course in Natural Sciences (FN)
PolS 101 Introduction to Political Science and American Government (UI)POLS 101 American National GovernmentFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
PolS 275 American State and Local GovernmentPOLS 100XFSFoundations Program Course Elective in Social Science
PolS 451 Public Administration (UI)POLS 403 Intro to Public Administration
Psyc 101 Introduction to Psychology (UI)PSYC 101 Survey of Psychological ScienceFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Psyc 300 Statistical Methods (LCSC)PSYC 295 Statistical Methods
Psyc 305 Developmental Psychology (UI)PSYC 309 Child Development
Psyc 311 Abnormal Psychology (UI)PSYC 301 Abnormal Psychology
Psyc 372 Physiological Psychology (UI)PSYC 335 Biological Bases of Behavior
Psyc 390 Psychology of Learning (UI)PSYC 441 Learning
Psyc 410 Sports Psychology (LCSC)PSYC 400XFElective Credit
Psyc 415 History and Systems of Psychology (UI)PSYC 487 Capstone Perspectives: History & Systems
Psyc 419 Adult Development and Aging (UI)PSYC 310 Adolescent & Adult Development
Psyc 422 Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence (UI)PSYC 400XFElective Credit
Psyc 430 Tests and Measurements (UI)PSYC 421 Psychological Measurement
Span 101 Elementary Spanish I (UI)SPANISH 101 Elementary Spanish IFoundations Program Course in Humanities (FH)
Span 102 Elementary Spanish II (UI)SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish IIFoundations Program Course in Humanities (FH)
Span 201 Intermediate Spanish I (UI)SPANISH 201 Intermediate Spanish IFoundations Program Course in Humanities (FH)
Span 202 Intermediate Spanish II (UI)SPANISH 202 Intermediate Spanish IIFoundations Program Course in Humanities (FH)
Soc 101 Introduction to Sociology (UI)SOC 101 Intro to SociologyFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Soc 230 Social Problems (UI)SOC 102 Social ProblemsFoundations Program Course in Social Science (FS)
Soc 315 Marriage and Family (LCSC)SOC 340 Sociology of the Family
Soc 360 Race and Ethnicity (LCSC)SOC 305 Racial & Cultural Minorities
SS 350 Ethics: Women in the Twentieth Century (LCSC)SOCSCI 300XFElective Credit
Stat 251 StatisticsMATH 254 Introduction to StatisticsFoundations Program Course in Mathematics (FM)
The 101 Introduction to the Theatre (UI)THEA 101 Intro to Theatre Foundations Program Course in Arts (FA)
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