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Retention Efforts

The first-year commuter student population is the focus of the division’s retention efforts and interventions. Predominately from the Treasure Valley, these students tend to be first-generation students, have higher financial need, take fewer credits (12 vs. 15), and work more hours. Institutional data shows that their outcomes fall behind those of their peers who chose to live on campus in their first year.

In January 2018, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management commissioned a small group of staff members to convene as The Student-Centered Design Team to investigate the needs of first-year commuter students. These students, therefore, became the focus for the division’s retention efforts and interventions.

The insights gathered by The Student-Centered Design Team are now being used by the Student Success and Retention Committee as well as departments within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to improve the programs, services, and spaces offered at Boise State.

Please consider signing up for this 10-week email series to learn about the needs of this student population. Each week you will hear from students about some of their hopes, frustrations, and goals. At the conclusion of the email series, you can download The First-Year Commuter Student-Centered Design Companion to help you facilitate a conversation with those you work with and learn how to better design for these students.
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For deeper insights into retention efforts and student stories at Boise State, visit our Retention at Boise State website.

Visit Institutional Effectiveness’s report page if you are looking for data on our cohort retention or graduation rates.