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Andrus Center Career Prep

By connecting Boise State University students to the information they need to prepare for entry level opportunities in natural resources management and environmental fields, the Andrus Center for Public Policy hopes to help the next generation of conservationists turn their love of nature into meaningful careers.

Internships and Jobs

We post opportunities of interest for students majoring in Environmental Studies, Biology, Geosciences, Anthropology and other majors as we find them.  Most are local to Boise.  Check Handshake, the Career Center’s job search engine, for more openings.

Career Paths in Natural Resources

Learn how to qualify for entry-level positions in in-demand federal careers in natural resources management by tailoring your undergraduate coursework and work experience to the career you want.

Career Road Mapping

Once you have settled on a desired career path, make finding the right job easier by thinking strategically about how to maximize your time in college. Chart a plan to take the coursework required by your major and your desired career. Use minors and electives to build occupation-related skill sets.

Internships and Jobs

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Career Paths in Natural Resources

Check out Career Paths in Natural Resources

Career Road Mapping

Explore Career Road Mapping

In-demand career paths

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About the Andrus Center for Public Policy

Holding one of the greatest conservation records in American history, Cecil D. Andrus said “I remain hopeful that I will be able to pass on to my grandchildren all the pleasures of life in an unspoiled West. Perhaps hope should be replaced by a stronger word. It is a matter of obligation.”

The Andrus Center for Public Policy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization within the School of Public Service at Boise State University. Founded in 1995, the Andrus Center for Public Policy is dedicated to perpetuating former Idaho Governor and Secretary of the Interior, Cecil D. Andrus’s ‘common sense conservationist’, problem-solving approach. Advocating for the legacy issues of Governor Andrus — wise use of our environmental resources and public lands, proper funding of education for our children and the cultivation of leadership from all segments of our society — the Andrus Center provides a nationally respected forum for addressing vital public policy issues of our time. In the over twenty years since its founding, the Center’s well attended events have highlighted independent, nonpartisan engagement on critical issues confronting Idaho, the American West, and the United States. The Center is overseen by its Executive Director, John Freemuth, a leading voice in public lands policy, and a Board of Governors, with Tracy Andrus serving as Chair in the wake of the passing of her father, Cecil D. Andrus.

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