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Conflict Management Resource Center

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“We strive to prepare for addressing conflict by utilizing clear communication, self-reflection, empathy and resolution tools; we approach conflict as an opportunity for personal growth and to strengthen connections.”

The Conflict Management Resource Center (CMRC)  provides a space for students to talk freely and openly about their needs, interests, opinions, and point of view while addressing mutual concerns. 

Conflict is normal and arises in many different settings, often negatively impacting relationships, friendships and opportunities. You don’t have to navigate conflict alone, the CMRC can help.

Conflict Alerts

The Conflict Alert system is used to identify areas of conflict at Boise State as early as possible. Submitting a Conflict Alert is a simple and quick way to request assistance with a specific conflict involving our Boise State students, whether you are a student yourself, a staff member, faculty member, parent, or friend.

The emotional health of our Boise State student population is critical – conflict management skills provide an area of support in challenging situations.

The goal of the Conflict Alert system is to help address conflict early to prevent escalated issues.

When do I submit a Conflict Alert?

  • You are personally experiencing a conflict
  • You are not sure how to approach a conflict situation
  • You are a Boise State student, staff, or faculty member working to support a student with a conflict situation
  • You are a parent, guardian, or family member and are concerned about conflict you are aware of on campus
  • You’ve provided guidance to one or more Boise State community members in a conflict and could use extra help
  • Another incident occurs within an ongoing conflict situation
Submit a Conflict Alert

Peer Mediators | Interns

The CMRC relies on Peer Mediators and Interns from within the Boise State community to provide conflict management services to students. After submitting a Conflict Alert, you may be connected with a Peer Mediator or Intern who will consult with you about your concerns and talk through options for effectively addressing the conflict.

The staff provides a comfortable atmosphere where students can talk about conflict in a healthy and productive way. Peer Mediators and Interns have either completed, or are working towards completing, a certificate in the Conflict Management Program. Serving in these roles provides real-world conflict management experience while helping support other students.

If interested in learning more about these student staff positions, please contact us at

CMRC Services