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Faculty in Action: Luke Fowler and Jaclyn Kettler

Luke Fowler

Luke Fowler, Associate Professor & MPA Program Lead
School of Public Service



Photo of Jackie Kettler

Jaclyn J. Kettler, Assistant Professor of Political Science
School of Public Service


Luke Fowler and Jaclyn Kettler recently appeared in London School of Economics’s American Politics blog. “There is more pollution when Congress and state Governorships are under Republican control” was based on their longer paper, “Are Republicans Bad for the Environmentwhich was published in the July 27 edition of State Politics & Policy Quarterly.

In their research, Fowler and Kettler examined 20 years’ of data on state-level toxic waste releases. They found that there was likely to be more pollution when the US Congress and state Governorships were held by Republicans than when these institutions were held by Democrats.