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5 ½ Places to Study and Recharge in the SUB

Here we are at midterms, that time of the semester when we’re all looking for a space to study, do homework or just sit in peace. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect space, look no further than the Student Union Building (SUB), which offers a multitude of opportunities for just that. Here are 5 ½ places in the SUB to get ahead on studying and homework or simply take a much needed break.

1) Second floor couch and booth area

Take a walk up the main staircase across from Starbucks and head to your left. At the end of the hallway, there are multiple leather couches and booths to sit and relax, or cram for an upcoming exam. Or if you’re coming through the doors near the Info Desk, take that staircase and you’ll walk straight into the lounge area. The quiet atmosphere makes it feel like you’re in a space of your own even if others are there too.

2) Boyington Room and Brink Room

Both the Brink and Boyington Rooms can be found next to the Art Gallery on the second floor of the SUB next to the main staircase, across from Starbucks. The doors are open and the classroom-style tables and chairs creates a perfect study or homework space. Needing a break while you are studying? Walk right next door and take a stroll through the art gallery!

3) SUB Patio

It’s fall, y’all! Get outside while the weather is still good and enjoy the sunshine before winter. The SUB Patio, located outside the doors next to the University Pulse studio, is a busy place that’s great for catching up with friends, studying, eating lunch, or (my personal favorite) people watching.

4) Dining Area across from the Info Desk

Whether you’re enjoying a meal from one of the restaurants or using the space to catch up on homework, the hustle and bustle of the dining area makes for an energetic environment. For those needing background noises and a bright area with a wall of windows, the high-top tables are an extra great resource.

5) Atrium

Once the colder fall and winter months arrive, moving into the SUB Atrium can offer the outdoor/indoor experience you may need. The Atrium, which is located in the hallway on your way to the Boise River Cafe, has floor to ceiling windows that offer a gorgeous view of the outside – without the chill of the outside. Relax in the lounges and study away!

5 ½) The Resiliency Room

Pack up your books, shake off your studying stupor and take a minute to enjoy the Resiliency Room. Created specifically for relaxation and meditation, it’s located on the second floor of the SUB, down the first hallway on the left from the main staircase. Enjoy the oasis of leisure on the second floor!