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5 1/2 Things About Mountain West Football

This week is going to be an exciting one for us all, Broncos, and that’s because—you better believe it—Boise State football is back! Not too long ago, the Mountain West announced we will have a fall football season, but now it’s actually here for real and we’re kind of freaking out. So, here’s what you need to know in order to get prepared for game day.

1) Games start on Oct 24

Since the announcement of the return of the Mountain West Conference, we’ve all been chomping at the bit waiting for our team to get back on the blue. Can you believe it—it’s happening THIS WEEK! Go Broncos!

Saturday, Oct. 24
Boise State vs Utah State
5 p.m. MT
Fox Sports 1

2) Virtual homecoming is happening!

This week, leading up to the first game we’re celebrating homecoming from wherever you are. You can participate in the virtual parade, Bronco spirit contests, or you can also register your team for the Bronco Cup that involves a talent show, Bronco trivia, and more. Teams who participate can get points in every activity they do. The team with the most points wins the coveted Bronco Cup!

3) You can get a cutout of yourself in the stands

There’s actually a way you can kind of be there in the stands for the first game, with a cutout! Show your support for the team by paying $50 and having a huge cutout of yourself sitting in the stands.

4) Games will be aired on TV

It was recently announced that the Mountain West has procured a TV package for games to be aired. Between CBS Sports Network and FOX Sports networks, 42 games will be aired over the course of the fall season. Keep an eye out for different platforms and info on where you can see the games via Mountain West announcements, or visit Boise State’s 2020 Football schedule.

5) The championship game will be on Dec 19

Everything will be leading up to this moment, the big finale of the season on Dec 19 and will crown the Mountain West Champions. After a strong season of 8 total games, we’re hoping to see the big blue fighting their way to champion status. It may be wishful thinking, but we’re getting our party poppers ready.

5 ½) “Excited” doesn’t even cover how we feel about the return of football


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