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5 ½ Things That Will Haunt You

In honor of Halloween, here are some tales of hauntings and mischief-making of all kinds on campus and beyond.

1) Boise State Communications Building

“Dinah” is said to haunt this building after being jilted by her boyfriend at a campus dance. There are reports of computers and lights turning on and off, disembodied giggling and strange writing on chalkboards.

2) The Egyptian Theater

Joe the projectionist worked here for 35 years before having a heart attack walking up the stairs to the projection room.  Since that day, employees say they smell odd aromas throughout the theater and hear laughter from a man who isn’t there when they go looking. People have also felt the touch of something that isn’t seen.

3) The Basque Center

Former employees believe that the Basque house at the Basque Museum is haunted. They would hear a ghost talking upstairs and downstairs, walking across the doorway and being loud and annoying. This is reportedly a friendly ghost that doesn’t bother visitors.

4) Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Prisons are nearly always a magnet for paranormal activity. Since its establishment in 1870, there have been 10 executions and 110 documented deaths due to illness, murder and plain old age. The most haunted spot is said to be 5 House where Idaho’s answer to Jack the Ripper, Raymond Allen Snowden was executed in 1957.

5) The Owyhee Plaza

The most compelling report of hauntings at this grand hotel comes from a couple who stayed in room number 136. The lady awoke during the night and saw a female spirit standing in the room. She said that she was not at all scared, in fact she felt a sense of calm come over her.

5 ½) Don’t Look Away