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5 ½ Things You Might Not Know About Our Presidents

Ah, Presidents Day: that special day that means we have a long weekend in February. And yes, of course, a day to honor the leaders of our land. Let’s take this holiday to learn a little more about a few of the individuals who have held the title of United States President, shall we?

1) Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot that he taught how to curse.

Rumor has it the parrot had to be removed from Jackson’s funeral because it wouldn’t stop cursing. But can we talk about why his parrot was invited to the funeral in the first place?

2) Speaking of pets… Calvin Coolidge had two pet raccoons.

His raccoons, Reuben and Rebecca, would wander freely around the White House. I have so many questions about this.

3) James Garfield was ambidextrous and could write in Greek with one hand and in Latin with the other — at the same time.

And suddenly my ability to type these words on a keyboard while listening to music feels very unimpressive.

4) Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln – Presidents 36 years apart – appear in a photo together.

In an interesting moment of presidential connection, a 6 year old Roosevelt witnessed Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession. A photo of the procession in April 1865 shows Roosevelt and his brother watching from the window of their grandfather’s New York City mansion.

5) George W. Bush was head cheerleader and self-proclaimed “high commissioner” of stickball league in high school.

He created and introduced the stickball league with a 20-minute impromptu speech introducing himself as the high commissioner of stickball while donning a top hat at a student assembly. And some say Hugh Jackman is the greatest showman. Pshaw.

½) Let’s celebrate a little closer to home…

Three cheers for our very own president, Dr. Marlene Tromp! #best