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Student Union Promotions

The Student Union provides the opportunity for university departments and registered student organizations to advertise events and activities on campus.

We have a variety of services offered throughout the Student Union (SUB) and outside. If you are a Student Organization or a department of the University, providing events, activities, or services for students you can apply for any of our promotional services. Request services by filling out our Promotional Request Form.

Student Union Promotions

Promotional Material Tips and Tricks

What You Need To Do:

  • Read the Promotion Descriptions above.
  • Create Your Ad (Design Suggestion Tips)
  • Submit Promotion Request – Submit your design and request using the Promotional Request Form.
  • Please submit requests 1 1/2 weeks before you would like your promotion to run.

Create Your Ad:

  • Review the design requirements for each promotional type. Your  ad request will be declined if it is not in this format
  • Review Boise State Brand Standards
  • Keep it simple and concise
  • Words are far more important in your advertisement than eye-catching graphics
  • Choose a clear message for your advertising
  • Think in terms of: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • Have a call to action in the form of a command. What do you want viewers of your message to do?
  • Examples: “Apply to be a Resident Assistant” or “Buy your tickets now”