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Student Union Promotions

At the heart of campus life, the Student Union (SUB) is your gateway to spreading the word about exciting student life events and activities happening in the union.

Promotional Request Process: Just complete our user-friendly Promotional Request Form. To ensure smooth scheduling, kindly submit your requests at least 1 1/2 weeks prior to your desired promotion start date.

Promotional Packages (Departments only): From digital screens to restroom ad spaces, we’ve got options to suit every promotional need. Review following packages. Ready to purchase? Fill out this form. 

Prime Spaces to Captivate your Audience at the SUB

Harness the Power of Digital Promotion!

Digital Screens on the First and Second Floors: Five digital screens are thoughtfully located throughout the first and second floors of the Student Union Building, guaranteeing your message’s widespread impact.

Optimal Visuals for Maximum Impact: To ensure your visuals shine, adhere to a dimension of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 768 x 1366. Please submit them in JPEG format. These specifications promise a striking and clear display that leaves a lasting impression.

Ready to make your mark in an unexpected yet unforgettable way?

Toilet Talk

Prime Bathroom Placement: Toilet Talk promotions command attention in the most unexpected yet effective setting – the bathrooms of the Student Union Building (Over 150 stalls). Seamlessly integrated into the daily routine, your messages will be impossible to ignore. We keep the momentum rolling by switching out promotions every month. Submit your materials by the last Thursday of the month to secure your spot.

Submission Essentials: When making a reservation request, kindly include  compact 1000 x 1000 pixel JPEG. This content submission is essential for your reservation request and is due by the last Thursday of the month.

Harness the Power of Our Social Platforms!


At the Student Union Building, we take immense pride in being the vibrant living room of our campus – a place where connections flourish and campus life thrives. Now, it’s your turn to be in the spotlight!

Harness the Power of Our Social Platforms: Our social media accounts are the canvas where your stories come to life. We’re here to give your events and happenings the spotlight they deserve. By utilizing our platforms, your message reaches a wider audience and resonates stronger.

Stay Connected Beyond the Screen: Haven’t followed us yet? Now’s the time! Find us on Instagram and Facebook at @BoiseStateSUB. Shoot us a message, and we’re delighted to share your content directly as well.

Amplify your Presence in the Student Union

Promotions Packages (Departments only)

From digital screens to restroom ad spaces, we’ve got options to suit every promotional need. Packages are valid August 1, 2023, to May 4, 2024. Please note that our promotional offerings are tailored for events and programs related to student experiences. At this time, we’re not endorsing academic programs, majors, minors, or classes.

To purchase a promotional package follow this link.

1. Digital Promotions Package – $300:  This annual package grants you unlimited access to promote your events and initiatives on the digital screens throughout the Student Union.

2. Toilet Talk Package – $250: Capture attention where it’s least expected! With this package, you secure a 400 x 600 px ad slot on 150 strategically placed toilet talk displays within the Student Union.

3. All Promotions Package – $450: Enjoy all the benefits of the Toilet Talk, Digital Promotions packages, and posting on the Student Union’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Purchase a Package Now
Secure your spot at our tabling spaces, strategically located for maximum engagement!

Tabling Space: The Spotlight Awaits!

We’re here to provide the perfect platform for your organization to connect with students. Secure your spot at our tabling spaces, strategically located for maximum engagement: SUB Atrium, the Quad, and, ILC Entrance.

Act Swiftly, Reserve Now: Tabling space is a hot commodity, and we want your organization to have a prime spot. Act promptly to secure your table by booking at or sending an email to

Your messages are about to shine in the most prominent corners of campus

Revamped Poster Guidelines: Your Path to Self-Service Promotion

We’ve taken a fresh approach to poster promotions, focusing on convenience and accessibility. The Student Union promotions team has transitioned away from directly supporting the poster route, but worry not – we’ve got an exciting self-service solution lined up for you!

Self-Service Poster Route: Effortless Promotion on Campus With our self-service poster route, getting your message across is easier than ever. Utilize the standard 8.5×11 poster format and display it on designated cork boards across campus. The best part? No reservations are needed, so you have the freedom to get your message out there when you want.

  1. Student Union, 1st Floor (Across from Dining Area)
  2. Riverfront Hall, 1st Floor (Main Lobby near Room B116)
  3. Education Building, 1st Floor (Near Room E110)
  4. Science Building, 1st Floor (Near Room 153)
  5. Liberal Arts Building, 2nd Floor (Near Room 201)

Promotions FAQs

Posters and Banners


Student Groups, departments, and external groups may post flyers or posters on the posterboards in the dining hallway. Posters are marked each Friday with a date. The poster will be removed post-event or if there is no date associated will be removed one month after dated.

  • Posters/flyers can only be posted on the approved bulletin board located in the dining hallway of the Student Union.
  • We will remove any unauthorized posters/flyers posted around the building.

Event Banners and Signage

  • Event Planners may elect to decorate their event space with signs, banners, and other decorative items.
  • Event signage and decorations are allowed in your reserved spaces and their immediate entrances only.
  • Signage and decorations can not restrict or prevent safe navigation of hallways, entrances, and stairways of the Student Union and can not restrict the view or utilization of exit signs, fire extinguishers, sprinkler heads, or permanent directional signage in the Student Union.
  • Signage and decorations may only be attached to easels, finished wood, metal, glass, or painted surfaces using removable, residue-free, non-marking, non-marring methods (e.g. clients may use easels reserved through Student Union Events for signage, or may self-supply easels, twine, fishing line, removable mounting squares, or art putty). Use of scotch tape, duct tape, and glue-based products is prohibited.
  • Signage and decoration provided by the reserving party must be removed from your event space and from the Student Union and Alumni & Friends Center following the conclusion of your event.

Other Signage

All other signage in the Student Union must be authorized by the Director or Assitant Director.

If signage has not been approved it will be removed.

Table Tents

The Student Union has phased out the use of physical table tents in its 1st floor dining lounge and other lounge spaces.

In lieu of table tents, we purchased digital signage. There are four digital screens located in the Student Union Building dining room on the first floor. Digital displays will run for a two-week period. The image file size must be 768 x 1366 and submitted as a JPEG.

We created this Canva template to help you create signage.  Create a free Canva account to access the template. Request this promotional space now. 

We will remove any unauthorized tables tents around the building.

Digital Promotions Tips

Crafting Effective Signage: Helpful Tips

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Boise State Brand Standards for a cohesive look.
  2. Keep it Simple and Direct – viewers appreciate clarity.
  3. Incorporate Images with People to create relatable and engaging visuals.
  4. Utilize the power of “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How” to communicate effectively.
  5. Deploy a Strong Call to Action in the form of a command. Encourage action with phrases like “Apply now” or “Secure your spot today.”
  6. Remember, QR codes won’t be scannable on digital signage.

Your Go-To Contact Information: Don’t forget to share your contact email or website. It’s the bridge that connects interested individuals to your cause.