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Student Union Promotions

Promotions FAQs

Posters and Banners


Student Groups, departments, and external groups may post flyers or posters on the posterboards in the dining hallway. Posters are marked each Friday with a date. The poster will be removed post-event or if there is no date associated will be removed one month after dated.

  • Posters/flyers can only be posted on the approved bulletin board located in the dining hallway of the Student Union.
  • We will remove any unauthorized posters/flyers posted around the building.

Event Banners and Signage

  • Event Planners may elect to decorate their event space with signs, banners, and other decorative items.
  • Event signage and decorations are allowed in your reserved spaces and their immediate entrances only.
  • Signage and decorations can not restrict or prevent safe navigation of hallways, entrances, and stairways of the Student Union and can not restrict the view or utilization of exit signs, fire extinguishers, sprinkler heads, or permanent directional signage in the Student Union.
  • Signage and decorations may only be attached to easels, finished wood, metal, glass, or painted surfaces using removable, residue-free, non-marking, non-marring methods (e.g. clients may use easels reserved through Student Union Events for signage, or may self-supply easels, twine, fishing line, removable mounting squares, or art putty). Use of scotch tape, duct tape, and glue-based products is prohibited.
  • Signage and decoration provided by the reserving party must be removed from your event space and from the Student Union and Alumni & Friends Center following the conclusion of your event.

Other Signage

All other signage in the Student Union must be authorized by the Director or Assitant Director.

If signage has not been approved it will be removed.

Table Tents

The Student Union has phased out the use of physical table tents in its 1st floor dining lounge and other lounge spaces.

In lieu of table tents, we purchased digital signage. There are four digital screens located in the Student Union Building dining room on the first floor. Digital displays will run for a two-week period. The image file size must be 768 x 1366 and submitted as a JPEG.

We created this Canva template to help you create signage.  Create a free Canva account to access the template. Request this promotional space now. 

We will remove any unauthorized tables tents around the building.