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Policies Affecting Instructors

It’s crucial that instructors review the exam administration policies and procedures before submitting tests for administration at the testing center. If you have any questions about this information, please email us at or call (208) 426-2762.

Exam Administration Policies

Administration Requirements

Exam Format

The Testing Center can only proctor Blackboard-based tests. Currently, we are unable to administer the following types of exams:

  • Open note, open book, or open internet. If additional resources are allowed on the exam, instructors must select from the the list of standardized test aides on the submission form (see Test Aides & Scratch Paper section below).
  • Exams that require students to use desktop or web-based applications outside of Blackboard (such as Excel or Google Sheets).

Advanced Notice

Tests must be submitted on Registerblast at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date. Ideally, instructors should submit all their exams at the beginning of the term.

Student Appointments

Student appointments are not optional. Regardless of class size, all students must attempt to schedule an appointment. Testing without an appointment is only permitted if the student can’t find an appointment time that suits their schedule. Walk-in testers are subject to a 10-20 minute wait pending seat availability. If your course syllabus includes information on exam scheduling, please ensure that testing appointments are not misrepresented. They are not optional.

Exam Availability

The Testing Center is unable to administer exams that begin or end partway through the day. Tests must be made available in full-day increments. Testing can run for several days depending on your needs.


Tests should be deployed in an area of the course that’s easy for students to navigate to. Avoid nesting exams inside folder trees. Creating a dedicated menu item for exams is recommended.

Support & Troubleshooting

Test Access Issues

If setting related issues affect students’ ability to access the test on exam day, a support staff member will attempt to resolve the problem and follow up with the instructor.

If the Exam isn't Deployed

If the test is not deployed by the starting date, we cannot deploy exams from the test bank on the instructor’s behalf. Under such circumstances, check-ins for that particular exam are suspended until the instructor can be contacted to resolve the issue.

Exam Content Issues

In the event that students report an error on the test, proctors will relay the issue to the instructor. Students will be asked to continue working on the exam to the best of their ability.

Test Aides & Scratch Paper

Test-aide Policies

Instructors can indicate permitted test aides on each Registerblast test submission. Please pay close attention to your selection to ensure that you’ve selected the intended test-aide. The test aides available on the submission form are:

  • Testing center provided calculator (TI 30X IIS)
  • Students’ own calculator
  • 8×11 Note Sheet (Handwritten or Typed)
  • 8×11 Note Sheet (Handwritten Only)
  • 3×5 Note Card (Handwritten or Typed)
  • 3×5 Note Card (Handwritten Only)
  • 6×9 Note Card (Handwritten or Typed)
  • 6×9 Note Card (Handwritten Only)
  • Pre-Approved Blue Book of Notes
  • Instructor Handout
  • Headphones
  • Paper language translator
  • Electronic* or Paper Language Translator

*Note: Electronic translators are single-function devices that can only function as dictionaries. They do not include a web browser or messaging capabilities. PDA’s, Tablets, and Smartphones are not permitted for use as translators.

Where a particular size of test aid is indicated, students are permitted to use a lesser substitute if they choose to. For example: If an 8×11 Handwritten sheet is allowed, students who decide to use a Handwritten 3×5 card are permitted to do so (but not typed).

Handling of Written Materials

All written materials used during the test (such as scratch paper, pre-approved notecards, or instructor-provided handouts) will be collected at the end of the student’s session. Instructors can indicate on their test submissions whether they would like to have these materials shredded or sent to their department mail-stop. It is the students’ responsibility to label scratch paper and other test-aides.

Instructor Communication

Exam Changes

Changes to submitted exams (such as availability dates or allowed test-aides) should be requested by emailing This ensures that test administrators are aware of the desired change.

Informing Students

As their most immediate point of contact, it falls to instructors to ensure that students are aware of the following:

  • Exam details that include dates, approved test aides, and other requirements.
  • That appointments are required, and that walk-ins are reserved for situations where no seating is available at the desired time. Walk-ins should plan on wait time of up to 20 minutes if seating isn’t immediately available.
  • Exams must be submitted by closing time. It’s the students’ responsibility to reschedule (when possible) if they don’t believe they have enough time to start and finish the test.
  • A Boise State Student ID Card or a valid government Photo ID are required to check in. Secondary forms of ID are not accepted.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to clearly label scratch paper and test aides used during the test. This should include the student’s first and last name, as well as which exam they took. Test aides must be collected at the end of each test. If students need their test-aides for use on future exams, they should make copies before taking the test