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CHAMPVA Letter Request Form

See the School Enrollment Certification Requirements for CHAMPVA Benefits Fact Sheet (PDF)

This is request for a letter to be sent to CHAMPVA, or Tricare, regarding your enrollment status to continue receiving benefits through your parent.
  • Your Boise State email address is your
  • Please be sure to provide the correct Boise State student number so we can look up your information.
  • Please let me know what benefit you may qualify for. If you do not qualify for any GI Bill benefit you will need to call our office and supply the SSN of your sponsor. 208/426-3744.
  • Identify the term i.e. Fall 2018. Please be aware, if you are not a fulltime student because you are waitlisted on a class, the letter CANNOT reflect you are a fulltime student.
  • I request the letter to be sent: * Required