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Writing Studies

Our  Shared Mission, Vision, and Values:


We envision a future where people are engaged, flexible, and ethical learners and writers who lead meaningful lives of connection and contributions.


We support, lead, and learn with writers in classrooms, careers, and communities.


We value accessibility, adaptability, empathy, empowerment, and the recursive process of reflection, revision, and growth.


Learn more about our guiding values.

Our Amazing Students

Silver Quill Celebration

The Department of Writing Studies gathers to honor Fall 2023 graduates. We celebrate their accomplishments and look to their future with assured optimism knowing they will share their expertise and experience to strengthen their communities and brighten our world.

Congratulations Broncos!

Fall 2023 Amazing Graduates

Grant Rose

Andrea Llamas

Malena Balcos

Ben Dooley

Kelby Andrew

Danny Heffernan

Tomio Fujino

Brooklyn Arnold

Hailey Pike

close up of sliver writing quill label pin
Four Bronco Graduates stand next to window overlooking football stadium on campus
Graduates all dressed in regalia during graduation ceremony

Department of Writing Studies

DWS Community Events

Bronco Football Helmet golf cart on campus

Writing Studies at Bronco Day

Two writing studies faculty members, Ti and Jan, stand next to a table smiling holding the Writing Studies sign above their heads.

Jan Roser and Ti Macklin enthusiastically welcome new students to the Department of Writing Studies community during the annual Bronco Day on the quad.