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Reflective Writing Assignments

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Co Curricular Reflection-Letter Menu

  1. Future-Planning & Reflection Letter” (pdf)
  2. “Growth Mindset: How do people learn?” (via email)
  3. “Gardner’s Multiple Learning Preferences: How do you prefer to learn?” (via email)
  4. Personality Inventory: How do you work? How do you work with others?” (via email)
  5. Value Sort: What are your core values?” (via email)

If you are an academic integrity staffer from another institution and you would like to view our letters, please email us at! We celebrate transparency and sharing effective practices between institutions, but we would love to also connect with you and your program to network. This is why we request an email. We look forward to meeting you!

Research & Presentation

These letters and their development process were featured at the International Conference on Academic Integrity (ICAI) during March 2022 in a workshop entitled “Revising Student Sanctioning Letters to Welcome Genuine Personal Insight.” They are co-written by professional staff at Boise State’s Office of the Dean of Students. This workshop was hosted by:

  • Sarah Wilson, current Boise State Academic Integrity Program Director [AIPD], and
  • Madison Hansen, previous AIPD, currently serving as Assistant Director, Student Conduct & Community Standards, Washington University in St. Louis