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Found Your Course Material Online?

We value the hard work and intellectual efforts of our Boise State faculty. It is important that your work continues to produce original thought in students, and remains yours. Students sometimes post course materials or work they’ve produced for your class online, which undermines the academic integrity of your courses. Popular websites used for this purpose include Chegg, StudyBlue, and Course Hero.

Include information about posting materials in your syllabus and discuss this phenomenon with your class, clearly explaining the reasons why the posting of course materials is not allowed. Rewriting assignments, providing different copies of tests and quizzes, and avoiding test bank questions can limit the possibility that students will be able to use online materials to engage in academic misconduct.

If you find your course materials or work produced for your class posted online and you believe they was shared inappropriately, email and share the URL. We can attempt to get the materials taken down. It may be relevant for instructors to prepare this request by following specific instructions on the website’s removal page that specify placing URLs in spreadsheets, etc.

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