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What’s Up With Generative AI?


Dear Boise State students,

Welcome to your 2023-24 academic year!

With the rapid advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, this school year will be a little different. We encourage you to embrace possibilities for learning, research, curiosity, and all of your creative ideas. Like any new technology, we also encourage you to learn about protecting your privacy and defining acceptable and unacceptable uses of this technology with your professors at the beginning of your classes this fall and beyond.

When it comes to using AI in an academic environment, it is critical to consider:

  • What are acceptable and unacceptable uses?
    Ask each of your professors how they do and do not accept students’ use of generative AI in coursework so you can learn effectively. Since generative AI is new to everyone, professors will be learning with you in real time;
  • How can you prevent plagiarism?
    Never directly copy and paste generative AI outputs into coursework unless your professor has expressly asked you to do so. Instead, assess any outputs critically and rely on your own writing and critical-thinking skills, which you are here at Boise State to continually enhance;
  • How can you protect your privacy?
    Consider whether or not you are willing to share your work by copying and pasting it into generative AI tools. Anything you submit will be owned by the company as additional training data.

For more information about your rights and responsibilities in our innovative learning community, please review the Student Code of Conduct with special attention to Section 8: Procedures for Academic Misconduct.

Please explore the first chapter of Dr. Sidney I. Dobrin’s free resource, Talking About Generative AI, entitled “What Is Generative AI?”  if you’d like to learn more about this technology from a reputable source. Happy innovating.

Go Broncos!

Sarah Wilson
Academic Integrity Program Director
Office of the Dean of Students
Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Updated August 2023