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Neuroscience: Major Curriculum

Pending State Board of Education approval

I. University Foundations (38cr)

Must Complete:
CHEM 111*General Chemistry I (FN)(3)
CHEM 111L*General Chemistry I Laboratory (FN)(1)
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology (FS)(3)
BIOL 227Human Anatomy and Physiology I + lab (FN)(4)

II. Major CORE Requirements (50-53cr)

Completethe following(39cr)
BIOL 117Intro to Neuroscience through Disease Models(3)
BIOL 191Biology I: Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology(4)
BIOL 228Human Anatomy and Physiology II + lab(4)
KINES 296Neuroanatomy and Physiology(3)
PSYC 335Biological Basis of Behavior(3)
PSYC 367Neuroscience of Human Brain Research(3)
NEURO 311Introduction to Neurogenetics(3)
NEURO 395Lab Techniques in Neuroscience I(4)
NEURO 396Lab Techniques in Neuroscience II(4)
NEURO 401Capstone in Neuroscience(1)
CHEM 112General Chemistry II(3)
CHEM 112LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory(1)
NEURO 402Endocrinology & Human Function(3)
Complete 1of the following(3cr)
MATH 254Statistical Methods (FM)*(3)
PSYC 295Statistical Methods(3)
KINES 301Statistics, Measurement and Evaluation(3)
*Can be used to fulfill aFoundations requirement
Complete 6 credits of the following(6cr)
VIP 100Introduction to Vertically Integrated Projects(1)
VIP 200Vertically Integrated Projects(1-2)
VIP 400Vertically Integrated Projects(1-2)
WRITE 212Introduction to Technical Communication(3)
PSYC 488Directed Research(3)
BIO 479Undergraduate Research Experience(1-3)
KINES 479Undergraduate Research Experience(1-3)
NEURO 479Undergraduate Research Experience(1-3)
* At least3 credits must be from upper division courses
Complete 1of the following(3cr)
CS 111Introduction to Programming(3)
CS 133*Foundations of Data Science*recommended
MSE 150Computational Tools for Material Science(3)
Complete 1of the following(2cr)
AMI 330Introduction to Sectional Anatomy(2)
KINES 270Applied Anatomy(2)

III. Emphasis Requirements (18-19cr)

Complete one of the following:
For Cellular/Molecular EmphasisComplete the following(18cr)
Complete oneof the following(5cr)
1. A) CHEM 301 Survey of Organic Chemistry(3)
1. B) CHEM 308Organic Chemistry I Laboratory(2)
2. A) CHEM 307Organic Chemistry I(3)
2. B) CHEM 308Organic Chemistry I Laboratory(2)
BIOL 192Biology II: Intro to the Diversity Of Life(4)
BIOL 320Cell Biology(3)
BIOL 431Pharmacology(3)
BIOL 442Molecular Neurobiology(3)
For Cognitive /Behavioral EmphasisComplete the following(19cr)
KINES 375Motor Learning and Human Performance(2)
KINES 378Motor Development & Human Behavior(2)
PSYC 341Sensation & Perception(3)
PSYC 343Cognitive Psych or Neuro 343 Cognitive
Take at least 9 credits of the following
IMG SCI 430Advanced Sectional Anatomy(3)
PHYS 111General Physics I (FN)(4)
PHYS 211Physics I with Calculus (FN)(4)
PHYS 211LPhysics I with Calculus Lab (FN)(1)
KINES 370Biomechanics(3)
KINES 371Biomechanics Lab(1)
IMGSCI 408Sectional Anatomy in Imaging Sciences(3)
KINES 363Exercise Psychology(3)
ED-ESP 358Severe Disabilities(3)
ED-ESP 458Autism Spectrum Disorders(3)
LING 305Introduction to Linguistics(3)
LING 406Psycholinguistics(3)

IV. Electives (10-14 cr)

-At least 3 credits must come from approved electives.
-Total upper division credits must equal at least 40.
-Approved electives include any “Emphasis Courses” listed above that are not already
counted towards the degree.
-Courses cannot count as both a major requirement and as an electives
AHS 455Cardiovascular Physiology(3)
AHS 355Physical Dimensions of Aging(3)
KINES 416Neuromechanics(3)
KINES 429/435Neuromechanics Research(3)
BIOL 310Human Genetics
KINES 363Exercise Psychology(3)
KINES 330Exercise Physiology(3)
KINES 331Lab for Exercise Physiology(1)
PHYS 112General Physics II (FN) (4)
PHYS 212Physics II with Calculus(4)
PHYS 212LPhysics II with Calculus Lab(1)
VIP 100Introduction to Vertically Integrated Projects(1)
VIP 200Vertically Integrated Projects(1-2)
VIP 400Vertically Integrated Projects(1-2)
ADST 109Drugs of Use and Abuse(3)
ADST 255Introduction to the Field of Addiction(3)
IMGSCI 408Sectional Anatomy in Imaging Sci(3)

Grand Total: 120 Credits



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