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Undergraduate Majors in SAHS

Scroll through the Degree/Career Matrix to view a listing of which undergraduate degree programs are best for which fields of study.

The prefix “Pre” denotes careers for which licensure is obtained through graduate programs.

Note:  While some of our programs might be gateways to careers in public health, nursing, and social work, we do not include those here as those degree program are available in the College of Health Science through their respective schools/departments.

Degree/Career Matrix


Ideal Match  Curriculum is an ideal match for the career interest.
Option  Curriculum is an option that can in some ways support the career interest.

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Career InterestBS in Kinesiology (Bio-
BS in Kinesiology (Pre-Allied Health)BS in Kinesiology (Exercise Science)BS in Kinesiology (Pre-Athletic Training)BS in Radiology (Computed Tomography)BS Radiology (Diag Med Sonography)BS Radiology (Diagnostic radiology)BS Radiology (MRI)BS Respiratory Care BS in K-12 Physical Education
Adult Critical CareIdeal Match
Biomedical EngineeringIdeal MatchOptionOptionOptionOption
Pre-Cardiac ReconditioningOptionIdeal MatchIdeal MatchOption
Children and Youth Health and WellnessOptionOptionOptionOptionIdeal Match
Pre-Chiropractor Ideal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
CoachingOptionOptionIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
Computed Tomography (LICENSURE)Ideal MatchOptionOptionOption
Critical Care TransportIdeal Match
Diagnostic Radiology (LICENSURE)OptionIdeal MatchOptionOption
Education (Health and Physical Ed) (LICENSURE)Ideal Match
Fitness and WellnessIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
Pre-Genetic CounselingIdeal MatchOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionOption
GerontologyIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchOption
Neonatal Critical CareIdeal Match
Pre-Occupational TherapyIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
Pre-Medicine (Physician / Physician Assistant)Ideal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchOptionIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
Pre-Physical TherapyIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
Recreational TherapyIdeal MatchIdeal MatchIdeal Match
Pulmonary RehabIdeal MatchOptionOptionIdeal Match
Respiratory Care. (LICENSURE)Ideal Match
Sleep StudiesIdeal Match
Sonography (LICENSURE)OptionIdeal MatchOptionOption

Download a reader-friendly PDF version of the Degree/Career Matrix.