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FYWP: English 101 and 102

The ENGL 101/102 Pressbook is designed to serve as a living database of readings that instructors could use in English 101 or 102. Readings were selected to support the course outcomes and to diversify the readings that are available to students. Because we added so many readings, we also initiated an Instructor Guide to the Pressbook last summer. Instructors read and annotated the readings for their colleagues who also teach 101 or 102. While this Instructor Guide is not complete, it is a critically important part of our process as the Pressbook itself includes far more readings than any one writing instructor would use.

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About the Project

First Year Writing Program
English Department
College of Arts and Sciences


  • ENGL 101
  • ENGL 102

Funding Source: Provost’s Office, OER Support Grant

About the Authors

Many first-year writing instructors contributed the initial readings; this past year, as we moved to Pressbook, Dr. Les Hutchinson contributed an expansive reading list. Then, an advanced undergraduate student, Annika Severts, continued to add readings and developed the Pressbook itself. This past summer, five first-year writing instructors — Katie Fuller, Madison Jansen, Christi Nogle, Heidi Naylor, and Elizabeth Lester-Barnes contributed entries for the Instructor Guide.