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Making Conflict Suck Less: The Basics

We all experience conflict in our daily lives, from small inconvenient conflicts to conflicts that alter the path of our lives. Even though conflict is one of the most natural occurrences in the human experience, most of us don’t have effective strategies and frameworks for approaching conflict when it happens. This purpose book provides basic strategies and frameworks for folks that want to learn to turn conflict into an opportunity in their lives that leads to stronger relationships.

The intended audience is really anyone that wants to get better at managing the conflict in their lives.  Focusing most on college students, but the concepts span across anyone that deals with other people on a regular basis. 

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About the Project

Courses: CONFLICT 390
Funding Source: eCampus Center, Open Book Summer Grant

About the Author

Portrait of Ashley Orme Nichols
Ashley Orme Nichols, Lecturer, and Program Lead

Ashley Orme Nichols is the Director of the Conflict Management Program at Boise State University. After stumbling into Conflict Management about 15 years ago, Ashley has been honing her passion for effective communication, emotional intelligence, and creating the most authentic version of yourself- all in support of having meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life. Through her education and professional career, Ashley has witnessed the importance of learning and utilizing effective tools for managing the differences that can lead to conflict in our lives. She looks forward to sharing her passion with you all.