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Practical Research: A Basic Guide to Planning, Doing, and Writing

This book should be considered a resource for novice researchers, specifically those emerging from a clinical background, as they transition either role or interest. The transition from a consumer of research to a contributor of research requires a shift in paradigm that is not necessarily intuitive. The goal of this book is to provide a basic overview of what one needs to know about both research and statistical methods through a phasic approach which includes planning, doing, and writing.

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About the Project

Respiratory Care

Course: RESPCARE 521: Applied Research Methods
Funding Source: eCampus Center, Open Book Summer Grant

Portrait of Megan Koster

About the Author

Dr. Koster is a Registered Respiratory Therapist with a clinical interest in neonatal and pediatric respiratory care. Additional areas of interest and expertise include online education for clinical professions as well as the study of learning behavior and curriculum development. An Idaho native, Dr. Koster enjoys all that Idaho has to offer, mountains and rivers to Saturday markets. She currently lives in Boise with four of her favorite boys. Go Bronchi!