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Prior Learning Portfolio Development

Written specifically for students in Boise State University’s Bachelor of Applied Science and Multidisciplinary Studies Program, but applicable for students at many institutions, this textbook guides students through the process of creating a prior learning portfolio, including creating a prior learning resume, writing an educational narrative, and gathering supporting documentation. 

Upon completion of the portfolio, BAS & MDS students will be able to challenge for up to 12 upper-division credits in designated courses.

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About the Project

Multi-disciplinary Studies
College of Arts and Sciences

Course: MDS 301: Prior Learning
Funding Source: eCampus Center, Open Book Summer Grant 2020

About the Author

Portrait of Baker Lawley
Baker Lawley, Clinical Instructor

Baker Lawley is a Clinical Instructor of Experiential Learning Opportunities in the BAS/MDS Program at Boise State University. His work focuses integrating real-world experience with students’ degrees, and translating experiences into academic credit.  Prior to Boise State, he taught at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota for thirteen years as Associate Professor of English, where he also served as department Co-Chair, directed the Writing Center, and oversaw internships and two student-run literary magazines.