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Redefining Success

We have fully substituted the primary textbook of the course by developing a Pressbook. The opportunity of developing a Pressbook created a variety of benefits. First, we were able to develop our own content regarding the primary subjects of the class, including time management, goal setting, mindset, and study skills, among others. Second, we increased textbook utilization by the students in the course. Through assessment, students reported they would not have purchased the textbook if we had not offered a free OER option, even though the book is required and used regularly in the course. Lastly, the OER textbook was especially beneficial as the course became remote in 2020 due to COVID. Students always had access to it, we could easily reference it in class through Blackboard and Zoom, and students were not burdened with an additional cost during a difficult time.

Project Impact:

  • 2 sections for both fall and spring semesters, 1 section for summer.
  • 60 students per year.
  • Reduce textbook costs for students.
  • Increase likelihood of students utilizing the textbook. 
  • Access to additional material to improve student learning.
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About the Project

Advising and Academic Support Center

Course: ACAD 102

Funding Source: Provost’s Office, OER Support Grant

About the Authors

Portrait of Nico Diaz
Nico Diaz, Assistant Director of Academic Development and Recovery
Portrait of Chelsee Rohmiller
Chelsee Rohmiller DeBolt, Academic Development and Recovery Advisor
Portrait of Cassidy-Lindsey
Lindsey Cassidy, Assistant Director of Academic Development and Recovery