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Meet Filmmaker Zoë Kelly (’23)

Filmmaker Zoë Kelly (’23) co-wrote, produced and acted in “Stockton to Table Rock,” a feature film about a young woman wrestling with whether it’s possible to forgive her abusive mother. Her alma mater, Boise State University, was there to help.

“Honestly, ‘Stockton to Table Rock’ probably wouldn’t have happened without Boise State and the support that they gave me,” she said.

Much of her crew, actors and production assistants were contacts she’d made through Boise State. That includes Adjunct Prof. Jessica Morris, who plays a leading role in the film.

Catch Kelly and “Stockton to Table Rock” when it premieres at Filmfort, part of Treefort Music Fest: Saturday, March 23, at 5 p.m. at The Flicks.