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From Blue Turf to the Sunshine State: the journey of a Boise State media alum

Miya Bates

This article was written by Jayde Malzone, a senior studying Strategic Communications and Media and member of the student-run Blue House Agency.

In the world of Boise State’s University’s public relations alumni, Miya Bates stands out as a shining example of Boise State University’s Media Department and the transformative power of hands-on classes and experiences such as Blue House Agency.

Bates finds herself at The Zimmerman Agency, a full-service creative and advertising agency in Tallahassee, Florida. But her journey to this point was a testament to the foundation laid during her time at Boise State and hands-on experiences offered from the university’s media department.

“The courses I took at Boise State were instrumental in preparing me for the world of PR,” she said. “From learning to craft compelling press releases to devising comprehensive campaign strategies, every class equipped me with essential skills needed to thrive in this industry.”

Rick Moore, media department head and professor, understands the importance of these hands-on courses.

“Our faculty in the Department of Media are adamant about the importance of providing a combination of theoretical and applied learning for our students,” he said. “For students wanting to work in PR or Strategic Communications, Blue House Agency provides a great example of that. Cindy Miller, who has years of professional experience, teaches the class. She has created an environment where students perform functions much like they would if they were working in a real agency after graduation.”

However, it wasn’t just the classroom education that set Bates apart. It was the hands-on experience gained through Blue House Agency that truly set her on the path to success.

“Blue House provided me with real-world opportunities to work with clients both within and outside the university,” Bates said. “These experiences taught me the importance of being client-facing, collaborating in team settings, and executing campaigns with precision – all skills that are directly transferable to working for an agency.”

Bates’s passion for public relations stems from her love of direct client interaction, event planning, and the fun of creating meaningful partnerships.

“There’s something incredibly rewarding about representing brands, planning events that leave a lasting impression, and fostering collaborations that elevate both groups involved,” she said. “And let’s not forget about the writing – I’ve always had a passion for it, and in PR, it’s an important tool.”

Looking back, Bates remains grateful for the education and experiences that paved her path to success. “Boise State and Blue House laid the groundwork for my career,” she reflects. “I’m proud to carry their legacy forward as I continue to make an impact in the world of public relations.”

As Bates continues to make her mark in the industry, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring PR professionals at Boise State, proving that with the right education, teachers, hands-on experience and the right amount of passion, the sky is truly the limit.

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