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Special Events and Conversation Series

Special Events

Boise State University, Victor Yushchenko (Former President of Ukraine) speech in the Micron Business Building

The Institute for Advancing American Values welcomed Viktor Yushchenko, former President of Ukraine on Tuesday, April 20, 2023, Skaggs Hall of Learning, Micron Business & Economics Building.

Viktor Yuschenko launched his campaign for president of Ukraine in 2004, quickly becoming the leading opposition candidate. In September 2004, Yushchenko became seriously ill with what was later diagnosed as dioxin poisoning.

Though gravely wounded, Yushchenko continued his political campaign. He faced Viktor Yanukovych in a runoff election on November 21. The government proclaimed Yanukovych the winner, but widespread concerns about election fraud led to the nonviolent demonstrations of what came to be known as the Orange Revolution. A new election was called, and Viktor Yushchenko won the presidency in December 2004.

As president, Yushchenko focused on improving Ukraine’s economy and democratic institutions. He sought greater ties with the European Union and NATO. In 2005, Yushchenko won the Philadelphia Liberty Medal, an honor that recognized his “fight for free and fair elections [that] inspired millions in his country and around the world.”

Since completing his term as president, Viktor Yushchenko has remained active in public affairs and politics. He currently serves as the founder and head of the Viktor Yushchenko Institute in Kyiv.

Conviction and Conversation in Contested Times

Difficult and deeply personal debates are happening all over the country, and right here on our campus. Universities are places where challenging issues can be discussed and where differing viewpoints are welcome. Through conversation, we aim to facilitate peaceful and free expression that results in a better understanding of everyone’s beliefs.

The dates, times, and participants of Boise State Conversation Series events will be announced on an ongoing basis.

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