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Upper-Division Admission into Visual Art

Upper-Division Art Admission required before taking 300-level or 400-level studio Art courses

This process is for all Visual Art majors (BA and BFA), Visual Art minors, Graphic Design majors, Illustration majors, Art Education majors and Art Teaching endorsement.

The BA, BFA, and Minor in Visual Art, the BFA in Graphic Design, the BFA in Illustration, the BFA in Art Education, and the Art Teaching Endorsement require “admission to upper-division” standing by application to the Department of Art, Design, and Visual Studies. The application process can occur in either the fall or spring semester.

To apply, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be admitted to Boise State as a student.
  2. Have at least sophomore standing in the semester of application (which means you should have completed or be currently enrolled in 40 credits of university-level coursework).
  3. The following courses must be successfully completed or in-progress during the semester of application:
    ART 107 Art Foundations I
    ART 108 Art Foundations II
    ART 109 Foundation Drawing
    ARTHIST 101 or ARTHIST 102 Survey of Western Art I and II
    one 200-level 2-dimensional course
    one 200-level 3-dimensional courses
  4. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above. Only ART and ARTHIST courses in which a C- or better is earned may count toward the degree.

Upper-Division Art Admission

To apply for Upper-Division Art Admission, gather the following items prior to beginning the application process and submit

  1. Submit a PDF of your unofficial transcript
  2. Submit 5 images of your best and most recent artwork (no details; examples should be from work completed in college-level courses; one example can be a moving image. Videos must be linked to Vimeo or YouTube).

Apply using the Admission to Upper Division Visual Arts Application Form

Note: Students who have declared Graphic Design as their Major might not have completed all the prerequisites and instead will need to confirm their intention of taking 3D-based courses before they graduate in the application.

The deadline for submitting materials is the Monday of the 6th week of classes each fall and spring semester. You will be notified via your Boise State Broncomail of acceptance or denial prior to the beginning of the registration period. If not accepted into Upper-Division Art standing, you should contact your advisor or a full-time faculty member in your emphasis area to determine where the deficiency lies, but you may reapply as often as is necessary. While permission numbers will still allow access to upper-division courses, they will not waive the admission to Upper-Division Art standing, which is a requirement for advancement in your program.


Please contact your assigned academic advisor or the Center for Advising and Student Success at

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