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Dan Scott

Dan ScottAssistant Professor, Painting

BFA, Boise State University
MFA, New York Academy of Art

Dan Scott received his MFA in Painting from the New York Academy of Art (cum laude) and his BFA in Drawing and Ceramics from Boise State University (cum laude). His work has been collected nationally and internationally from a series of juried exhibitions.

There is a conscious quality of the subversive in my work. Through the paintings, I lure the viewer into a dialogue by evoking a sensual world of color, stillness, and light. It is a world where constructed beauty is an element that mediates a conversation on the nature of truth, or perhaps my truth. I make paintings where content is revealed slowly through a complex relationship of form and subject. This is a very demanding form of visual communication that expects a great deal of the viewer. I believe the best reward you can offer in payment for the generosity of one willing to enter this dialogue is an engagement with meaning.


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