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Jill AnnieMargaret

Photo of Jill AnnieMargaretProfessor, Printmaking

M.F.A. California State University Long Beach
B.F.A. Sonoma State University
B.S. Communications, Clarion University

Professor Jill AnnieMargaret is the head of the Printmaking area. She mentors students for careers as professional artists by establishing a rigorous curriculum that fosters students’ artistic vision and technical proficiency while providing contemporary and historical context of artistic pursuits. Professor AnnieMargaret founded the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance in 2009. Engaged printmaking students are presented with local, regional and national leadership opportunities through Service Learning, symposium planning and implementation as well as printing for visiting artists such as Mark Dion, John Hitchcock, Laura Berman and Ellen Scott.

Rooted in existential questions regarding the nature of memory and human emotion, her work explores the effects that trauma has on memory, the brain and how it stores in the body. Side effects of trauma; repressed memory, reliving vs. recalling, dissociation, hyper-reactivity and hyper-vigilance are used as visual strategies in her recent work. Branches of related ideas include: dreams, night terrors, the subconscious, the after-life, spirit, death and near death experience. These themes are woven throughout her oeuvre from her M.F.A. thesis exhibition, Walking in a Wing’s Shadow (2004) to the projects: The Dream Tree, Presence- Absence, Lillie Mae Cane, Shed, Hairstory-Herstory and most recently the performance and shadow puppet theater, Bloom. As an artist and a maker, her work creates physical manifestations of formless, abstract ideas. The physicality of materials and labor-intensive hand-processes establish parallel metaphors while working. These metaphors are often relayed visually in the final work through repetition, the multiple, embossment, shadows and silhouettes. Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, Japan, Italy, Finland, Portugal, India, South Korea as well as many locations across the United States and internationally.

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