Art Metals

The Art Metals curriculum is structured to provide a foundation in the concepts, theories, design issues, and techniques of the artmetals field in historical and contemporary context.

Art Metals student artwork

Emphasis is placed on concept development, critical analysis, creative problem solving, and technical proficiency. Since Art Metals is based in traditions of function and adornment, and engages multiple social and cultural issues, students are encouraged to explore cross-disciplinary work in order to develop a mature artistic understanding of the complex relationships between the field of Art Metals, the arts, and society. Potential career options for a student with a B.F.A, emphasis in Art Metals include studio artist, jewelry designer for industry, proprietor of limited edition jewelry/hollowware/tabletop business, bench jeweler, product designer, museum restorer, curator, and educator.

Art Metals Visiting Artists (lectures and workshops) 2003 – present
Daniel Belasco (curator), Harriete Estel Berman, Alicia Boswell, Charles Lewton Brain, Yuyen Chang, Thea Clark, Andy Cooperman, Nancy Megan Corwin, Jack DaSilva, Marilyn DaSilva, Bob Ebendorf, Fred Fenster, David Freda, Susie Ganch, Joanna Gollberg, Caroline Gore, Lisa Gralnick, Abigail Heuss, Tricia Lachowiec, Keith Lewis, Micki Lippe, Marcia MacDonald, Thomas Mann, Eleanor Moty, Bryan Park, Suzanne Pugh, George Sawyer, Heidi Schwegler, Paul Stout, Glenn Williams



Faculty: Anika Smulovitz