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Time-Based Art

Student video production

The Interdisciplinary program enables students to make work where choice of materials and medium is relevant to their project ideas. Students will make studio projects based on a study of interdisciplinary art as a unique field with its own body of knowledge and historical context. This emphasis area requires a broad background in a range of mediums, learned in lower division studio classes, before students take their upper division Interdisciplinary studio classes.

Student Video Production

ART 373 Studio in Interdisciplinary Practices focuses on video as an art medium, which is studied in the context of historical and contemporary artist practice. ART 473 Interdisciplinary Practice Studio allows students to develop personal projects, with an emphasis on installation art, combining media, and the use of traditional and digital technologies.
Classes can vary based on faculty research interests, but may include topics such as installation, performance, video, sound, site-based practices and collaborative or participatory strategies.

 Faculty: Kate Walker

Student Work