Fall 2018 - Spring 2020


A Beyond the Major Initiative for Storytelling Across the Curriculum

Building a network of faculty leaders to develop programs and pedagogy across campus

What is Storyboard?


Beyond the Major

Beyond the Major represents a campus-wide effort to help students name their skills, connect their experiences, and tell their story. Embracing a Beyond the Major mindset means that students are returning to key questions throughout their time at Boise State:

  • What are the specific skills and experiences that I am gaining in this course/major?
  • Why is it important to learn these skills and have these experiences?
  • How will I talk about (or “translate”) these skills and experiences for audiences outside of the major?

By helping students name the what, why, and how of their college experience, we are empowering them to take ownership of their education and plot the story of their future.


Storyboard is a 2-year learning and leadership community in which faculty develop strategies for integrating reflective and narrative practices into a range of courses and experiences.

During the first year, this community will research reflection and narrative theories/practices across disciplines with the goal of creating a shareable archive of scholarship and strategies. The second year will focus on applying the theories to innovative pedagogical practices that can be implemented across campus.

Why Reflection?

Several strategies exist across disciplines and areas for teaching reflection and fostering metacognition. In the field of Writing Studies, for example, scholars couple theories of metacognition and “transfer” to develop strategies for building foundational knowledge in first-year writing that can transfer into disciplinary writing. In another example, reflective practices are integrated throughout Teacher Education programs to help future teachers reflect on their experiences as learners and build “adaptive expertise.”

The issue, however, is that reflection activities often feel like isolated experiences to our students: an essay at the end of an assignment, a journal exercise, a self-assessment. How might we draw upon a range of scholarship to create deeper and more connected reflection experiences? And how can we better support students in weaving their reflections into a larger narrative?


Storyboard will be comprised of faculty members from across campus who want to deepen their understanding of reflection and narrative strategies and then lead others in developing pedagogical innovations.

Participation in Storyboard entails:

  • Working from a mindset of inquiry and discovery
  • Synthesizing research and practices from across areas and disciplines
  • Transitioning into a leadership role that involves sharing ideas and practices in and beyond the home discipline


Storyboard Faculty

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-12.52.55-PM

    Amanda Ashley

    Associate Professor; URBAN Studies Program Lead

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-12.51.29-PM

    Kevin Ausman

    Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-12.50.40-PM

    Lilijana Babinkostova

    Professor, Mathematics

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-12.54.36-PM

    Adam Colson

    Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-12.57.44-PM

    Pat Delana

    Lecturer, Marketing/Business Communication

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.03.51-PM

    Heidi Estrem

    Professor, English; First-Year Writing Director

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.09.52-PM

    Derek Ganong

    Visiting Assistant Professor Trumpet, Director of Jazz Ensembles

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.12.59-PM

    Jill Heney

    Lecturer, English; Shared Stories Lab

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.15.14-PM

    Tiffany Hitesman

    Lecturer, English; Shared Stories Lab

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.18.18-PM

    Kendall House

    Lecturer, Anthropology

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.30.28-PM

    Eric Jankowski

    Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.33.00-PM

    Jon Krutz

    Lecturer, Marketing/Business Communication

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.36.12-PM

    Angel Larson

    Lecturer, Curriculum, Instruction, & Foundational Studies

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-12.39.48-PM

    Jillian Moroney

    Clinical Professor, URBAN Studies Program Lead for Spring 2019

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.40.58-PM

    Krishna Pakala

    Clinical Associate Professor, Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.43.47-PM

    Kit Scott

    Associate Professor, Information Technology/Supply Chain Management

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.45.25-PM

    Caile Spear

    Professor, Community and Environmental Health

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.47.44-PM

    Emily Wakild

    Professor, History and Environmental Studies

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.49.10-PM

    Sasha Wang

    Associate Professor, Math Education

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-18-at-1.50.48-PM

    Brian Wiley

    Assistant Professor, Art, Design, and Visual Studies

  • Screen-Shot-2019-01-19-at-11.56.47-AM

    Greg Wilson

    Lecturer, Multidisciplinary Studies

Storyboard Committee