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Dr. Greg Hampikian’s Work Assists in Exoneration of Innocent Man

According to the story on the Georgia Innocence Project website, “the state presented only two pieces of evidence against Robinson at his trial: the incentivized accusation of Tyrone White, who received a lesser sentence for his testimony even though his version of events directly contradicted the rape survivor’s own account; and inaccurate and overstated testimony from a Georgia Bureau of Investigation DNA analyst.”

The analyst’s invalid scientific testimony corroborated White’s accusation of Robinson which secured the conviction under Georgia law.

Hampikian said of Dror, “Itiel has taken laboratory studies on bias, and used them to expose error in forensic science. When he asked me if there was a case we could use to explore bias in DNA analysis, I told him that Kerry’s was a real-life example of how bias operates when data is murky.’* Click here to read more.