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Department of Biological Sciences Safety Training

Brad Morrison smiling with hood and microscope in background

DBS Lab Worker Safety Checklist Acknowledgement

Those conducting research in a laboratory located in the Department of Biological Sciences are required to complete the DBS Lab Worker Safety Checklist. Which acknowledges they are aware of proper lab safety and agree to abide by the rules established by the department.

EHSS Online Training – Canvas

Additional safety training may be required for your lab. To gain access to the EHSS Online Training modules through Canvas, please email either or They will enroll you in the online training modules.

CITI Training

CITI training is required for anyone working with animals, humans, and potentially biohazardous materials. If you are a TA teaching an A&P class, Microbiology or Human/Comparative Phys. (or any other lab using potentially infectious materials) you will need to register for an account and complete the Biosafety Essentials module. If you work with human tissue or potentially infectious material in your research, you may need to do additional modules. For more information on the CITI training and accessing the training modules visit the Office of Research Compliance website.

Make sure to print a copy of your completion certificate for your lab’s safety training binder. As well as proof when requesting access to labs requiring certification.

  • Human Subjects Research Training
  • Animal Care and Use Training
  • Biosafety Training
    • Biosafety Essentials
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Animal Biosafety
    • Select Agents, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism

CITI training is valid for three years. After three years, you will need to complete a “refresher course”. The refresher course will certify you for an additional three years.

*The bloodborne Pathogen course; this must be completed annually.