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Robert Rychert, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Biological Sciences

Year arrived at BSU: 1975
Mailing Address:
Department of Biology
Boise State University
Boise, ID 83725-1515

E-Mail Address:


  • B.S. Cornell University, Bacteriology (1965)
  • M.A. San Francisco State University, Biology (1968)
  • Ph.D. Utah State University, Microbial Ecology (1975)


For over 25 years Dr. Rychert has been teaching and conducting research in environmental microbiology at Boise State University. Prior to Boise State he worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Cornell Dept. of Agronomy. He has received numerous grants and contracts from state and federal agencies, and from environmental engineering firms and other private sector entities. Funded research projects have included: biotechnology applications to water quality assessment; foliar feeding effects on phyllosphere microbial populations; effects of soil amendment on soil microbial populations and their biological activity; soil microbial functional diversity in cheatgrass and native plant-dominated communities; application of the Microtox system to Boise urban runoff; adenylate energy charge of rangeland soils; colicins of atypical E. coli from rangeland streams; effect of fluoride on soil acid phosphatase activity; isolation of the bacterial endophyte of Artemisia ludoviciana; biological impacts of geothermal wastewater discharge in the Boise River; determination of chlorophyll a in microbiotic crusts; bacteriophages in natural waters; toxicity testing using Tetrahymena pyriformis; and, toxicity testing using a recombinant E. coli. His publications include seminal research on nitrogen cycling in arid soils as part of the Desert Biome-International Biological program (IBP); and his research on microbiological water quality indicators is cited in Standard Methods. He has presented numerous papers on his research at regional, national, and international meetings. He served as chair of the Biology Dept. at Boise State for 6 years; and during his term as chair developed and initiated a unique graduate program in Raptor Biology and played an integral role in bringing the World Center for Birds of Prey to Boise. He was a research associate with the USDA-ARS, Northwest Watershed Research Center for 8 years. At the NWRC, Dr. Rychert collaborated with ARS scientists to gather microbiological data to develop grazing strategies that ameliorated microbiological water quality problems under different grazing regimes. His research demonstrated the importance of stream sediments as a reservoir of fecal indicator bacteria. He is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and a former board member of the Northwest Scientific Association. In his avocation as an orchardist, Dr. Rychert conducts research on the growth and use of Bacillus thuringiensis in the biological control of insect pests.

His current research interests also include aquatic ecotoxicology, microbial activity and nutrient cycling in soils, bacteriophages as water quality indicators, microbiological water quality impacts of grazing, and soil and water microbial diversity as a function of ecosystem disturbance. Dr. Rychert applies the techniques of molecular biology (biotechnology), biochemistry, and microbiology in the assessment of aquatic ecotoxicology, and in the evaluation of soil microbial functional diversity in soil and aquatic ecosystems. In addition, concepts of macroecology are applied to microbial ecology with a view toward assessment of ecosystem function.


Peer Reviewed

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