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Spring, Summer, and Fall

Spring 2021 Courses

SubjectCourse NumberTitleCredits
BIOL100Concepts of Biology4
BIOL115Concepts of Biology Laboratory1
BIOL191Biology I: Cell & Molecular4
BIOL192Biology II: Diversity of Life4
BIOL205Introductory Microbiology4
BIOL227Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIOL228Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIOL304Biology III: Ecology&Evolution4
BIOL306Comm in Biological Sciences3
BIOL320Cell Biology3
BIOL400Organic Evolution3
BIOL406Science & Society3
BIOL415Microbial Physiology4
BIOL424Sensory Ecology4
BIOL426Insect Ecology3
BIOL434Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt3
BIOL451Developmental Biology3
BIOL461Advanced Topic in Aquatic Biol1
BIOL466Advanced Topics1
BIOL488Senior Outcomes Assessment0
BIOL497Genomics & Bioinformatics Lecture and Lab3
BIOL497Medical Microbiology3
BIOL500Organic Evolution3
BIOL506Science & Society3
BIOL511Advanced Cell Biology3
BIOL515Appl and Environ Microbiology4
BIOL524Sensory Ecology3
BIOL526Insect Ecology3
BIOL534Prin Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt3
BIOL561Adv Topics in Aquatic Biology1
BIOL564AdTop Mol Ecol Evol & Phylogeo1
BIOL566Adv Top Mol Cell & Devel Biol1
BIOL567Adv Top in Extracell Matrix1
BIOL597Genomics & Bioinformatics Lecture and Lab3
BIOL613Molecular Genetics3
BOT305Systematic Botany4
BOT430Molecular & Cellular Plant Bio3
BOT530Molecular & Cellular Biology3
BOT305GSystematic Botany4
EEB604Science & Communication II3
EEB605Current Research in EEB2
EEB607Quantitative Methods3
EEB622Statistical Approaches Ecology3
EEB697Special Topics3
ZOOL401Human Physiology3
ZOOL411Human Physiology Laboratory1
ZOOL434Animal Behavior4
ZOOL501Human Physiology3
ZOOL511Human Physiology Laboratory1
ZOOL534Animal Behavior4

Fall 2020 Courses