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Ali Al Mubarak: Mechanical Engineering Major

After a long spring semester, I have the chance to relax for a bit to prepare for my trip to Taiwan for two months. The first month of this trip I was able to experience a lot of new things. As an engineering major, I don’t often get to practice my business or communication skill building relationships between countries. In our business history class, I got a chance to learn a lot about Asian culture and business practices around here. I personally don’t read history about asian countries, in this class I was able to learn a lot. Also I got the chance to learn Chinese which is quite a challenging language to learn. At the same time while taking those two courses, we were able to take some tours around Taiwan. I saw a lot around the island from traveling and learned more about Taiwanese history. Throughout our travels, we meet a few CEO’s of businesses and that helped me a lot to improve my public speaking. The experience about my internship is still to come…

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