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Lucas Swope: International Business Major

Lucas’s Experience At Nexcom

This was the first time Nexcom had taken on international interns. So, in addition to the vast amount of industrial robotics research performed, we were also piloting a new consulting program for the expansion of NexCOBOT into American education markets. Our objective was to secure Nexcom as the leading robotic education service and resource provider in America. Our target to achieve this was through a closer partnership with Boise State University and a flipping of Nexcom’s current market approach to focus more on the end-user needs of their products and services. We became a valuable resource to Nexcom, because we could approach things from a different mindset, a “Western Mindset”.

Holding this “Western Mindset” in the East, we could approach market issues Nexcom faced, in ways they had never thought of previously. We were able to transcend the communication and social barriers that blocked our colleagues and Taiwanese predecessors. We were given the liberty to explore; encouraged by our mentor, we ran with and developed ideas that challenged eastern business logic. It was this exploration of differing ideas, that we realized the importance of international business exchanges. We gave Nexcom our Western view and we received a better understanding of Eastern business culture, customs, and language. The reciprocity of this relationship was immensely beneficial and constructive for all those involved.

I was able to take-away a contemporary perspective of an entire industry segment, prior to, I had absolutely no knowledge or exposure of. This internship with Nexcom gave me the exposure of corporate operations, idea generation, project development, and on the job training at a corporate level. I feel as though Asia BizTech gave me the skills and knowledge to enter confidently into the Business and Technology industry as a successful first-year worker. My great takeaway from BizTech, was the chance of a life time to deliver a business consulting plan to the CEO of a multinational company. This experience gave me a lift in my confidence to perform under the pressure of a foreign environment and adapt to a different culture of business.

I was able to give an incredible amount of time this summer to develop and learn as much as I could about Nexcom and the business/political environment of Taiwan. I could give Nexcom a fresh perspective on American markets and a second opinion on Asian business culture. I will without a doubt take the transferable business skills I learned in Taiwan forward with me as I progress through my career. The experience being in Taiwan was unique, because it brought me to the forefront of the emerging Business and Technology Sector. Without being in the epicenter of this sector, my experience wouldn’t have been nearly as impactful as it was. I was able to make critical connections to people that could propel my career forward once I graduate from Boise State.

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