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Brandt Foundation Lectures

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Information on the 2024 Brandt Foundation Lecture will be posted in September.  The event is usually held in the Jordan Ballroom in the Student Union Building at Boise State University. The event is free, no tickets are  required and attendees may park in the Lincoln Garage (Lincoln Avenue and University Drive) at no charge.

John Cochrane

2023 Speaker: John Cochrane, “Free to Grow”

John Cochrane is the Rose-Marie and Jack Anderson senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, senior fellow of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and professor of finance and economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn more about John Cochrane here.

On November 6, 2023, John Cochrane spoke to a crowd of more than 800 students, faculty and community members in the Jordan Ballroom of the Student Union building.

Cochrane, discussed the importance of economic growth in funding public and private expenditures and raising standards of living in terms of better education, environment and consumer products.

“All the places with high GDP are also the places with high quality of life. You have to be able to afford a clean environment. The U.S. has the cleanest environment of any country in the world. Why? Because you have to be able to afford it,” Cochrane argued.

Cochrane also discussed the ways in which the United States has successively placed roadblocks in the path of economic growth and what needs to be done to recapture the high economic growth rates of the latter 20th century.

Cochrane’s lecture is available with transcript and captions on YouTube.


The Brandt Foundation Lectures

The Brandt Foundation Lectures at Boise State University are made possible by the generosity of the John H. & Orah I. Brandt Foundation. The purpose of the Brandt Foundation Lectures is to bring noted speakers to our campus who have made important contributions to public understanding of individual liberty, free markets, limited government, and the Constitution. Beginning with the 2004 inaugural lecture by Nobel Laureate James M. Buchanan, the Brandt Foundation Lectures have attracted large audiences and contributed significantly to Boise State University and the larger community. The annual lectures are free and open to the public; no tickets are required. Free parking is provided in marked areas on the night of the event.

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